Hello everybody

This blog is an idea for helping my students to better grades and to spark their interest for the most amazing and beautiful subject: Physics. I’m a young Dutch teacher (22) at a secondary school in the province of Limburg of the Netherlands and I am a newcomer in the art of teaching. I finished my own secondary school back in 2007 and got my Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree for finishing my Applied Physics study in 2011. During those last four years I became interested in teaching and I decided to try to earn my Bachelor of Education degree. In last August I finished this study and now I am busy with my first real job as a physics teacher.

Although, I’ve not precisely figured out how I am going to use this blog as an educational tool, I just start to write my first post as an introduction for those of you who might stumble on this little blog. The reason for starting this blog is that I might reach more of my students through this way than through the conventional virtual learning environment.

The inspiration for starting a blog came from various other blogs that I’ve been following a while. (Among them are: Cal Newport’s Study Hacks and Scott Young’s Get More From Life) Also some recent experiments of some of my colleagues who try to use social media as an educational tool is a big inspiration for starting my own experiment.

Maybe some students of mine already found this blog and they ask this question: “Why is he writing in English and not in Dutch?” That is because I am still deciding on what to do and I think that it is easier to switch from English to Dutch if it is necessary than the other way around. A second reason is that I am trying to improve my English and it is one of the best ways to improve my English:  by writing in this language.


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