The final answer is not the answer they are looking for…

Today I’ve finished going over some tests of my students. It was one of the first tests I’ve given since I started at this job. The test contained some problems in which they had to combine Kirchoff’s circuit laws and Ohm’s law.

Most of the students calculated the good answer in many different and, for them, new situations. As a teacher, I was quite pleased with this result. The grades, however, were not that great. Continue reading


The Easy Way: Less sweat and better grades (Part I)

Some students find Physics an extremely complicated and difficult subject. Espescially the parts where calculations need to be performed. They study for hours and hours, but can’t seem to pass the tests. They claim they are not technical people and that they will never be able to get a good grade for physics, math or chemistry. In this series of posts I’m going to give an overview of some of the study tactics students use to get a good grade for physics without studying for hours and hours. Continue reading